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The first time I heard the word "Soul", I felt that I was finally Home. The word itself held Truth. A deep knowingness that Soul is who I really am. SOUL. My direct connection with God, which I am. God speaks to "ME", a unique individuated aspect of God, through my Soul. Cool. A direct line to God. If this sounds "cool" to you too, you are in the right place. Soul On Line will provide you with the opportunity to see life through the eyes of Soul, the eyes of your God Presence. It is a very different view. Enjoy!


Soul On Line will open your Heart, presenting you with poetry, prose, art, and humor brought through directly from Soul.

Writings on death and dying, from a Soul perspective, will move you to a greater awareness of these processes. You will understand that death does not mark the end of life, but is the doorway to eternal life.

Through the writings of Divine Love, you will explore the possibility of an even greater, all encompassing level of love, greater than the romantic love which we all seek. This is union and communion with God, which you are. You are the Beloved. Experience your connection with the Infinite.

If you have a mystical nature, look no more outside yourself for your connection to God. The creations on this site will touch you deeply and awaken your mystical nature.

You will be presented with many forms of inspiring art that will open your Heart and touch your Soul.



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