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Only One Wish Per Person

Try it, and don't cheat by looking ahead! You will be surprised at some of the answers.

The Mind is like a parachute; it works much better when it's open. Here's something fun to do, but you must follow the directions closely.

Warning! Do take the quiz as you read. There are only 3 questions, and if you scan all the way to the end before finishing you won't get the honest results.

Scroll slowly and do each exercise.
Don't look ahead.
Get pencil and paper to write down your answers.
You will need it at the end.

This is an honest quiz that will tell you about your true self.



Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo


Chapter I

Arrange the following 5 animals according to your preference:


Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo


Chapter II

Write one word to describe each of the following:


Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo


Chapter III

Think of somebody (who also knows you) that you can relate to the following colors: (Please don't repeat your answer twice. Name only one person for each color.)


Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo Soul-on-Line Minilogo


Are you finished? Make sure your answers are what you TRULY feel.......

Last chance............

See interpretations below:

Chapter I
This will define your priorities in life:

Cow means career
Tiger means pride
Sheep means love
Horse means family
Monkey means money


Chapter II
Your description of Dog implies your own personality
Your description of Cat implies your partner's personality
Your description of Rat implies your enemy's personality
Your description of Coffee is how you interpret sex
Your description of Ocean implies your own life


Chapter III
Yellow -somebody who will never forget you
Orange -someone whom you can consider as your real friend
Red -someone you really love
White -your soulmate
Green -a person whom you will always remember for the rest of your life.



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