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My Beloved Son

You came from deep within my Being.
A gift of love made manifest
From Spirit to form you arose
A very wise and ancient Soul.

Suckling at my breast
You taught me about unconditional love.
You, staring deep into my eyes
Holding my baby finger with your tiny hand.

I remember singing the lullabies
And the blissful connection we shared
As you nursed,
I took in moments of repose.

In an instant you'd be smiling
The suckling connection would cease,
Then you would drink again
Of the sweet milk of my Love.

Oh how I cherish the intimate moments we share
The oneness, each with the other
Where both time and space are our companions
And we know no separation.

It is the wisdom of my Soul
My Beloved Son
That gives me the courage
To face the possibility of your death preceding mine.

How could I possibly live without your shining light?
How could I laugh without your delightfully contagious laughter?
How could I live life without your courage?
How could I be in joy without your unceasing love for me?

God forbid
I ever have to live with the answers
Yet God help me to live in peace with these questions
So I can face the worst end scenario of your passing,
If need be, with an open and courageous Heart.

Oh my most precious child, my gift from God
Remember that you will always be with me,
I will always be with you.
For you live in my heart and I in yours.
Know that I will cradle you in death as I cradled you in life.
You are as close to me as a breath.

There are no veils that can separate life from death.
So fear not your passage, my Beloved
There will be many to greet you in the Light
To kiss your sweet forehead
And sing you to sleep at night.

We will be together again my Love
I promise, sooner than you think
I look forward to that day
And until then

Oh most beautiful reflection of Love and Light,
I release the need to live in fear of your death
I release the need to control any aspect of your passage
I totally surrender to Divine Order and say yes to Divine Love.

God bless you my Beloved Son
For being my loving and patient teacher.
God bless you for your gift of life.
God bless you for letting me love you as I do.
God bless you EJ, I love you.



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