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Another mighty tree goes down
Piece by piece by piece
I hear it as it's being ground
It makes a haunting sound

Needles fall into shadow
The trunk cut like a twig
Never to touch the sun again
It's fed into a shredder

Sharp shrills pierce my ears
Spitting out ground cover
As though it's years here never were
Mourning seems to hover

I loved this majestic pine
He marked the edge of my space
The privacy that he created
Made my life somehow seem safe

Now, there is just a deep dark hole
Where once my guardian stood
I have no view through his great branches
No shadow cast from his wood

How do I live with open space
There's nothing to hide behind
As I look into that deep dark hole
The gifts he's left are mine

I can take with me his majesty
His perpetual growth into light
The trust he had in everything
His patience and persistence are my sight

He once was a huge gigantic tree
That echoed love to me
Now he's the vast earth and sky
Still here to set me free

As I reflect upon my Father
Much like this majestic tree
One day like today, he will fall
And his gifts will be left to me



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