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My Teacher, Death

It is death that wipes my tears away
Upon the mountains of time
I stand at the top
What would happen if I was not

It is the leap of faith that haunts me
Will death hold me in it's wings
Can I touch the sweetness of forever
As my body falls away

Will I dance upon the heavens
Flying freely into the wind
Rising again and again to kiss the sun
Falling gently as the moon lights the way

Yes, I can, my Soul whispers sweetly
I hold death in my hand each day
It is death that holds life's rapture within me
Embracing death takes my fear away

It is death that comes to greet me
As I stand upon the mountains of time
Surrendering all that keeps me from it
I am closer to the Divine

It is death that is my teacher
I am lighter for it's gift
Oh thank you, for your wisdom
I am living my life, and not my death



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