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Ode To Mimi

Beloved Mimi
Being of Love
Feline in form
Beacon of Light.

Instant attraction
Purring with delight
You chose me.
I surrendered.

Part of a litter
Your sister, silent
You, a squeaker
The perfect pair to love.

Spayed the next day
An adoption requirement
You were so tiny, underdeveloped.
Complications arose.

The overnight waiting
Would you make it?
Would you die?
Would I…?

My Heart aching and breaking,
I prayed, I surrendered, I cried.
You survived!
Amazing Grace

A bond already created,
We were Home.
The circle of Love completed,
Embraced by joy and thanksgiving.

Into my overalls you crawled.
Ever so close to my Heart,
Sleeping beside me that first night,
I thought we would never part.

Watching the two of you play,
Bringing laughter to my Heart
Your unconditional Love,
A gift, a blessing, a new start.

Then, the devastating blow,
Curiosity got the best of you.
An open drawer,
You jumped in.

Your tiny body caught
No return
So limp,
In a moment, you were gone.

Trying to bring you back,
I cried out in utter desperation.
It was too late.
You had moved on.

Mourning came over me,
Like a tidal wave of tears.
The pain all encompassing,
The memory horrifying.

Wanting to run away and hide
Hoping the suffering would cease,
But for me there was no denying,
I had to grieve.

I thought the crying would never end.
The sadness diminished,
My Heart stopped breaking
Would change be my friend?

Bittersweet the experience
Releasing ancient sadness and loss,
Your passing allowing me to shed my tears
Your Love transforming me.

Life, so fragile, so precious
Death and dying an integral part,
Heartbreaking, Heart opening,
Where one stops, the other starts.

Thank you, my Beloved,
You live within my Heart.
Your presence so profound,
It is true, we shall never part.



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