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The Final Miracle

Life is filled with miracles in every moment. How do we experience them if we do not believe they exist? Or, what if we want to believe they exist, but we have not experienced what we believe "a miracle" to be - something out of the ordinary, not having to do with our everyday lives.

In truth, just being alive is a miracle. We take our lives for granted. We say, "This is the way things are. They will never change. I am stuck here. Life is hard, then you die." It takes a shift inside ourselves to see the miracle of our lives and life itself. This shift is called Awakening. It is a miracle. When Awakening begins, life is never again taken for granted. The lifestream of the individual is lived at the level of miracles. Not just now and then, but continuously…moment to moment. Miracles and Awakening are all about gratitude. Giving thanks for every moment in life, even if our ego conscious mind wants to judge a particular moment as wrong, bad, not good enough. Miracles and Awakening are about accepting each moment as it is without expectation or attachment. Being fully present in each moment. Then the miracles begin to happen. What we may have judged the moment before, now becomes a miracle. We are Awake enough to be present in the moment, give thanks, and see the miracle that has occurred right before our very eyes.

Just as there seems to be no end to the moments in our lives, so too are the miracles in our lives. Seemingly endless until the final miracle when we pass from our physical form into the Formless. When we leave the confines of our physical bodies and return to the Formless of All That Is.

In our society, the final miracle is called Death. Our egos have tremendous fear around Death. It appears to the ego to be "The End". It sees Death as the ultimate state of aloneness, emptiness, utter despair. Complete annihilation of itself. Only a miracle can change this perspective. The miracle is called Awakening. As one Awakens, the miracle of life is more and more fully lived. With this aliveness comes a deep peace, the peace which passeth understanding. In this peace is found a wisdom. The wisdom of the final miracle. When one is living in an Awakened state, the final miracle is not something to be dreaded, but rather something to be embraced, to be recognized as part of the Continuum of Consciousness that is unending and eternal. For every in-breath there is an out-breath. The final miracle is an out-breath that leads to the next in-breath taken in the Formless as One with All That Is, the eternal.

To Awaken is to know miracles. To know miracles is to Awaken. The final miracle of Death is made possible by and through our Awakening. When you are Awake, you do not fear Death. It becomes your companion, teacher, and friend. It is not your enemy or your curse. It is that which makes your aliveness even sweeter. It brings tears to your eyes, but these tears are sweet sorrow. It deepens your compassion and gives you courage to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death with others in their passage to the Formless. It heightens the sense of NOW. It removes the superficial from your interactions with others. It helps birth the Authentic Self and brings the ego into alignment with Soul.

Death is the final miracle, the final healing, the ultimate blessing, the great beginning, the next step in our Continuum of Consciousness as God.


Thank you.



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