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Divine Father - All Creation Expressing

Divine Father is all Creation Expressing/Manifesting. Divine Father is the master of Doing. In order for anything to actively come into Manifestation, we need the energy of Divine Father "to get things done". In Truth, we incorporate both the Divine Father and the Divine Mother within us. Divine Mother is the womb of all creation; She is All Creation Awaiting Expression. The Divine Mother holds the Original Impulse of Creation within Her. Both aspects are necessary components in the process of manifestation. They cannot be separated. Divine Mother is the In-Breath of God, absolute, pure, total, and unconditional. Because the In-Breath of God occurs simultaneously with the Out-Breath of God, Divine Father, having no beginning and no ending, they are united as two sides of a coin.

Divine Will/God Will is also a creative process. Our little personal will, also know as free will, is creative process as well. Free will is, however, not always aligned with God Will. Often it is in rebellion to God Will. Free will is egoic. The I Will (Thy Will Be Done) energy is from Divine Father. The I Can (Manifest Thy Will) energy is also from Divine Father. It is the confidence underlying our ability to do things. So these I Can and I Will energies are from Divine Father. Whereas, the I Am (One With God) energy of Being is from Divine Mother.

Divine Father is the Light. It is the Light being birthed unceasingly out of the Darkness/Womb within the Divine Mother. Divine Father is the energy and the impetus behind all creative processes. This includes creating ourselves anew moment to moment.

Our culture has been permeated with strong messages of Doing, such as our powerful work ethic. So many of us have been indoctrinated into this "doing" mindset that we gauge our worth by what we do. Our accomplishments and successes define us. Some of us have gone to such extremes with what we do that we have become "human doings", not human beings. Doing becomes our sole identity and a distraction, an exit. This is the egoic energy of doing. It is a trap for justifying our very existence though our doing. This is a contracted and distorted aspect of Divine Father (All Creation Manifesting). Egocially, we have carried it too far.

I realize the existence of Divine Father working through me when I find myself capable of doing things I would have sworn I could not do; when I find solutions not previously recognized; when I exceed my own expectations - all of these are the outward expressions of the Divine Father energy.

Everything we do is creative process. Whatever form of work we choose: mother, father, lawyer, nurse, teacher, holy man/woman, seer, homeless person, any and all choices are us as Creation Expressing. This is the Divine Father energy. Even the thought before manifestation is Creation Expressing. Thought/Conceptualization begins and continues into physical manifestation through the Divine Father energy. That envisioning is an important part of Creation Expressing. As is the verbalization, the planning, and the actual bringing of thought into physical form. All of this is the Divine Father energy. You can see what a powerful force this is in our lives.



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