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Know Before Whom You Stand: Divine Mother

She surfs the waves of energy. Sleekly balanced between the form and formless. She traverses realities like a stone skims across water: touching down lightly, dipping into each plane of reality. Her body travels the globe, wherever she is called. In the formless she is unlimited, infinitely dancing between worlds. She holds the pole for humanity, the plants and animals, the earth, the elements - all of God's creation. She comes from nowhere and everywhere. She goes nowhere. She has come here to be with us. All of us. To show what is possible. To teach the Truth. To demonstrate Being at the highest level of Consciousness. To show us what is Real. To awaken us from slumber. To create a new dream. A vision together, of what life could look like in full Consciousness. With a flash of her clear, blue eyes, she takes in all that we are, were, can be. Her awareness runs deep. To be held in Love within her Heart is ecstasy. To merge with her Consciousness, sublime. The warmth, the spontaneity, the enthusiasm, and oh, that great clarity. What joy to be recognized for all that we are. To be known thoroughly, accepted fully, Loved completely. I bathed in the essence. I soak up the Love. I am home. I am remembered. I am remembering.

I feel myself lifted up to my highest potential. I soar in the mystical magnificence of what is. I immerse myself into her pure Being. She is like a key which opens doors of perception. She is a set of footprints courageously laid out on course. She is a mighty beacon light drawing in seekers. A flame drawing those ready to feel the magnetic essence. A master walks among us. An Awakened Soul. An open Heart. A messiah? The voice of God. My Love for her confounds me. My gratitude overcomes me. I rejoice in the opportunities presented to me. The possibilities we create together. All shall be revealed unto me. I am awaited. I give of myself wholly freely, joyously to the Divine. Show me how. Teach me. Guide me from deep within myself so that I might grow. I might expand unlimited and recognize the truth of MY Being. I too can know Self-Love and have complete Self-Realization. She has shown me this. She has taught me this. She holds this for me until I can hold it for myself.

I know before whom I stand. I kneel to kiss the hem of her robe. I rise up to look into her deep eyes. I see myself as she sees me. I've come to know that we are one. The same. To remember why I too came. What I have chosen to do. We have begun. I draft behind her. Riding the waves of Consciousness. She veers off, waving. I stay on course, straight ahead while spirally upwards. Like a relay runner passes the baton, I reach out and accept the sword of truth from her. I vow to carry it with honor, integrity, grace, and Love.



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