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Knowing Truth

 Amid the confusion and chaos  
 there is certainty  
 Certainly  Being in the Silence
   allows wisdom
 Deep in the Soul  to enter
 there is a stirring  
 something knows  Sitting, being, listening
   to the voice
 Looking deep within  of God
 there is a flutter  
 of knowing  Writing without measure
   the hand
 Remembering from whence  knows
 Soul appears  
 knowingly  The waves pound against the shore
   breathe in, breathe out
 For lo these many years  relentlessly
 forgetting to remember  
 alas…  Down in the Heart
   wonder and joy
 Breathe in ,breath out  Abound
 and know  Smile a little half smile
   feel the energy
 Breath rushes out  Grow
 and pauses  
 someone is afraid  Smile a little half smile
   the eyes show
 Eyes smile deeply  the knowing
 the Heart  
 understands  The little bird remembers
   his note
 The breath is sure and steady  Faithfully
 the unknown  
 is unfolding  The little needle always
   knows North
 The train roars by  as I do
 reminding all that hear  
 time passeth  The important things
   I wasn't taught
 High on the mountain  I remembered
 lightening strikes  
 someone understands  Sometimes I think
   Myself clever
   Then I remember
 Deep in the gut  I Am
 there is a knowing  
 speak it  The mind's eye sees the
   real as rain




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