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Embracing Paradox And Polarity In Love

It's a paradox. The more Love I give, the more Love I have. Everything Is Important And Nothing Is Important. I am both finite and Infinite. I am on the Pathless Path. These seemingly contradictory energies are part of our experience as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. What does that mean?

It means we live in a paradox. At the human level, our egos learn through polarity. Any one polarity holds within it the polar opposite. To know good, one must know bad. One could not have the experience of being happy without the experience of being sad.

Our lives, on the purely egoic level, are filled with pendulum swings. As we experience one polarity, at some point the egoic pendulum always swings to the other polarity. Living in Consciousness, we are able to hold both poles rather that being stuck in the pendulum swings. This involves an ability to stand as "The Watcher/Soul" embracing both poles of our egoic experience, but not being attached to either.

Living in Consciousness means doing "The Work" both at the level of ego and at the level of Soul. The ego is ever-present in our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. To shift our lives from a purely egoic level of polarized experience takes an awareness that there is something else going on, a "Bigger Picture". Our Soul Perspective. From this level, we see that Divine Order Is Always In Place. Our Souls have created these experiences for us on the egoic level as part of our Soul Agreement to Wake Up to the Truth of who we are as Spiritual/Divine Beings.

We cannot truly know the Truth of ourselves as Divine Beings having a human experience without Soul and ego walking together on this Pathless Path. This takes allowing our egoic experience to be held within the larger context of Soul; i.e., ego embraced by Soul. Love is the medium through which this is accomplished. Love. Love Is The Most Powerful Thing On The planet. It transcends time and space, form and formlessness. Living in Consciousness, one gives Love. One is infilled with Love. One continually has more Love to give. There is a boundless supply of Love, which is sourced by the giving of Love.

Herein lies the paradox. How can one have more Love to give the more one gives? How can everything be important and, at the same time, nothing be important, as stated in the Esoteric Teachings? From the perspective of the ego, any situation always appears limited. From the perspective of Soul, the "Bigger Picture", it is always unlimited.

One can hold any paradox by living in Consciousness. The seemingly contradictory energies of form and formlessness, finite and infinite exist simultaneously. One holds a paradox by embracing both energies simultaneously. It is part of our experience of being Divine in human form and being peaceful with it. We can hold it by not allowing ourselves to forget for a moment who we truly are. We can hold it by doing "The Work" that allows the embrace of ego by Soul. This means not taking our lives so personally. As we release the personal egoic focus, we can live in harmony with All That Is. We can come to know at a feeling level that we are One with All That Is. There is no separation. There is nothing but Love. We are Love. We create from Love. Everything is created from Love.

The mystic knows this Truth, lives this Truth. The mystic (one who is passionately in Love with God, which he/she is) is able to hold these seemingly opposite energies of form and formless seamlessly. My work is to hold this for myself in full Consciousness from moment to moment. When I do, my life feels so much more joyful, peaceful, and clear. I will hold this in full Consciousness for You, my Brother/Sister, until You can hold it for Yourself. Namaste.



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