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The Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of Life? Life has no meaning, other than what you give it. If you believe that you create your own reality, then your Life is that reality. Is your Life full of turmoil and personal drama? Then this is the meaning of your Life. If you were to cease all turmoil and personal drama, does that mean your Life would cease to have meaning? For many, this would appear to be true. They were raised to believe that without turmoil and personal drama, there would be no meaning to Life. Drama and personal turmoil are powerful creations of the ego. The ego wants to keep you occupied with the turmoil and personal drama, leaving little time or space for anything else.

Just suppose that tomorrow all your turmoil and personal drama ceased - forever.

How would you fill the time?

All those days and nights?

How would you fill your Life which, at the present moment, is chock full of "stuff"?

How would you fill your newly emptied existence?

You would probably start by filling it with all the things you do right now. How could you possibly exist without doing all those things? Thinking all those thoughts?

What would you fill your mind with? If there were no more turmoil or personal drama, what would you think about - nothing? It takes years of practice to think about nothing, for just a few minutes. But then, you would have years to practice with no turmoil or personal drama to distract you.

And feelings; what about all those feelings? Would there be any feelings if all the turmoil and personal drama ceased - forever? Feeling nothing. How would that feel?

There are those who have philosophical and spiritual practices that focus on Nothingness: no thought, no feeling, no action. Just pure Being - pure Consciousness. These people exist and peacefully so. When they do anything, the doing arises from their Being. The doing of anything is in harmony with their Being. The doing, in and of itself, is not the important thing. What is important is that doing is in harmony with Being. If there is disharmony between doing and Being, then turmoil and personal drama are present. It takes Consciousness to know when the doing is not in harmony with Being. The practice of Silence, (no thought, no feeling, no action), focuses on the presence of Being, so that one can immediately discern when disharmony is present - moment to moment in Life. This disharmony can be very subtle or very strong, as well as everything in between. Only Consciousness can name the disharmony and guide the way back to harmony between doing and Being.

You may well ask where is this Consciousness found?

In my mind?
In my thoughts?
Where then will I find it?
In your Heart.

Your Soul is present in the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart. Your Soul is the Consciousness which knows always and in every moment when harmony or disharmony is present. Not only that, your Soul will speak to you clearly about why you have created harmony or disharmony. If there is harmony, your Soul will guide you in maintaining that harmony for longer and longer periods of time. If there is disharmony, your Soul will guide you as to why you have created it, and what steps you need to take to return to harmony.

Your Soul does not ask, "What is the meaning of Life?" Only the ego asks this question. The Soul is infinite Love and Wisdom. It is also practical in the sense that it can discern when harmony or disharmony is present in your Life. To choose harmony means that there is a willingness to empty your Life of disharmony, (turmoil and personal drama). The emptiness created will be instantaneously filled with harmony. Soul knows perfectly how to guide you from disharmony to harmony. All it takes is a willingness to change for harmony to occur. Once, however, you have chosen harmony over disharmony, your constant companion will be your Soul.

The voice of ego will gently quiet. The voice of Soul will gently increase in volume. Soon you will be having conversations with your Soul. Your ego will be listening, changing with each conversation. Your Soul will speak directly to you about the meaning of Life.

You may be surprised to hear that the meaning of Life is one word, less than 5 letters. This word lives in your Heart, waiting for you to speak it, think it, act it, feel it, Be it. I invite you to come into the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart and receive this word from your Soul.



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