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Please Relinquish The Need To Know Anything

The first time the Divine said this to me, my only response was, "You've got to be kidding. I can't get through my day without knowing everything. I've got to know about balancing my checkbook, driving my car, reading the latest drama in the newspaper, making decisions about what to buy, how much to pay, and did I get the right change back. You know, the really important things in life. I have to know more so that I can do more. I must be up to date on everything. I can't afford to fall behind the learning curve on anything."

The Divine interrupted me there and said, "What you have described is the on-going activity of the ego-conscious mind. Please remember, your ego-conscious mind is the most avarice/greedy thing on the planet. It is insatiable and demands constant attention and feeding. What feeds it is information. I ask you to relinquish the NEED to be avaricious/greedy.

You have described your NEED to know. I ask you to relinquish, release, give up this NEED to know anything. Instead, your NEED to know will be replaced by your SURRENDER to Soul. Your Soul is all-wise, all-knowing, all-loving. Your Soul will always give you the answer to everything - no matter what question you ask. You will receive the answer to all your questions.

The answer, however, may not necessarily be understood by your ego-conscious mind. The answers from Soul are always given from the Impersonal, in Love, from the 'Bigger Picture' of your Soul's perspective. This means that your ego-conscious mind must expand to hold these Soul answers. Your Heart already knows Soul's language and understands perfectly Soul's answers.

Are you willing to reference your Soul in ALL decision making? Are you willing to ask Soul all your questions? Are you willing to receive Soul's answers? Receiving these answers in your Heart and reflecting upon these answers in your mind?

Be assured, your wisdom will grow, your understanding will expand, your Love will deepen. Your ego-conscious mind willingly surrenders to your Soul. You will know all there is to know, and you will know nothing. Having relinquished the NEED to know anything; you will, in that instant, know everything."



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