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"YES, Beloved, YES"

Dare I bask in the sun's comforting blanket of Compassion and Love?

Dare I inhale the night blooming jasmine's intoxicating perfume?

Dare I slumber in the splendor of the moonlight's bewitching glow?

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."


Can I confront my death in Conscious gratitude?

Can I embrace my life with reckless abandon?

Can I love without needing to be loved in return?

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."


Will I ever know the sweet kiss of heaven on my brow?

Will the wings of angels catch me as I fall into Divine Love?

Will I ever rest in the sweet ease of God's embrace?

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."


Dare I believe that with God all things are possible?

Dare I leap into the void without the protection of my mind?

Dare I trust in Divine Order and surrender to Divine Love?

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."

I long to suckle at the breast of the Divine Mother,

To taste the milk of unconditional Love.

I long to sit on the lap of the Divine Father,

To be held in the arms of strength and courage.

I long to embody the creative spark of Divinity,

To be God's instrument of Peace and Joy.

Dare I even dream of such bliss?

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."


The time for me to transform fear into Love has arrived.

The time for me to trust God, which I am, is here.

The time for me to listen to my Soul is now.

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."


As the curtains of illusion and fear part,

I begin to see the Truth within my Heart.

The Presence of my Soul is revealed unto me.


Self-Love bridges the chasm between the darkness and the light.

Self-Love is the key to my freedom, my authentic voice.

Self-Love is the passageway to the Kingdom of God within me.

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."


As I free fall in Love

Into the Serene Center of My Being within my Heart,

I am in the Presence of my Soul.

My Soul sings a song of ecstasy.

Heaven is right here, right now.

I am surrounded by Love, Light, Peace, and Joy.


I am free to embrace my Divinity.

I am free to embrace my humanity.

I am free to Love all of me.

"YES, Beloved," my Soul whispers, "YES."



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