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A Mystic Asks: Are You Ready?

Do you look back on the events of your life and ask:
"What if I had made other decisions, other choices?"
"What if I had taken a different path?"

Every decision you have ever made has led you to this moment. You would have arrived here, no matter what the decisions were that you made along the way. How do I know this? Because you are right where you are supposed to be. If you were someplace else, then that would be where you are supposed to be. But you are not in some other place. You are right where you are.

You have created every moment in your life to get to this place. Every experience, every decision, every relationship, everything was created to bring you to this exact point/this exact place in your life. Be assured, it has all been for one purpose. To see if you are ready, in this moment, to begin your Awakening process. What do I mean when I say Awakening process? I mean you are ready to accept that everything in your life, every event has been for your Awakening. But now, something momentous has happened. You are reading these words. That means you are here, right now, in this exact place. Our paths have intersected. I don't know you and you don't know me. Perfect. Yet, here we are. And I am saying what might appear to be outrageous stuff. Or, you are reading this and saying, "Well, maybe." Or, you are reading this and saying, "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes."

If you believe this is all just a bunch of bologna, then you know we will meet again. More than likely, it won't be in this lifetime. I'll be seeing you in the "Sweet Here After". Perhaps face to face. Or, you'll just read these words again at Soul level and have a really good belly laugh.

For those of you who say, "Well maybe," we will meet again. Perhaps in this lifetime. Perhaps on this web site. Perhaps then you will be ready to begin your Awakening process.

For those of you who say, "Yes," WELCOME !! I've been waiting for you", please enjoy the rest of this web site. Your Soul is waiting for you now, even as you read these words. Yes. Your Soul. Awaiting you in the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart. When you are ready, step into the elevator in your mind. Push the "heart-shaped" button, and travel down to your Heart. The doors will open, and you will find yourself on the cusp of the greatest adventure of this Lifetime.

You will see your Soul awaiting you there with arms open wide to embrace you. You will never feel alone again. Now all you have to do is practice staying right here in the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart. You are Home. At last and for always.



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