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The Kundalini Crown

From ancient times, the Presence of God has been symbolically represented as a serpent within the physical body. It is called the Kundalini. The serpent/Kundalini is coiled and quiet - seemingly asleep. It rests at the base of the spine in the first chakra. The process of Awakening can lead to the awakening of the Kundalini. Awakening can begin spontaneously or through guidance from an outside source. The initial stages of Awakening may or may not include a Kundalini experience. When one has such an experience, it is unlike any other. If the individual is unprepared, the experience can be extremely frightening, even life-threatening.

If one is prepared, the experience opens the entire chakra system and brings the individual to the next stage in the Awakening process. Here is one such experience:

I was sitting in meditation with a group. I was deeply quiet. No thought, no feeling. My body was at complete rest. At the base of my spine, I felt an explosion of energy. I saw a serpent uncoil itself and begin to move up through the center of my body. It was large and had markings. I could not distinguish the markings as it began to accelerate its movement upward. Ascending up and through my entire body and exiting out the top of my head. I felt no fear. I was awestruck. The serpent rose above my head. It was traveling very quickly now. I thought it was going to disappear out of sight above me. But at the very moment I thought it was gone, it reversed its course and came shooting down toward me.

Its speed was incredible. I felt fear for the first time. In the next split second, I knew what to do. I raised my "spiritual hand" and shouted, "Stop!" The serpent stopped. It hung suspended over my head. All fear was gone. I was calm. I knew what to do next. I said, "Come." The serpent slowly, deliberately moved toward me. With infinite care, it coiled itself around my head forming a crown. Its head was centered over my forehead. Its eyes looking out above my eyes. It was a cobra. Its head and neck fully open. Magnificent!


Just recently, I was sitting by a riverbank on a tropical island when I looked down and saw a golden cobra moving toward me. I remained perfectly still. It continued to approach until it was a few feet from me. Then it uncoiled and stretched its head up to look straight into my eyes. It flared its head and neck. It was perfectly still. A golden statue shimmering in the tropical light. We communed together in the Silence. There was a transmission of energy between us. The energy was Love. Then the serpent lowered its head and turned toward the direction from which it had come, and disappeared into the grass.

I sat and reflected on all that had occurred in my life since the serpent's first appearance all those years ago. I still see the Kundalini Crown atop my head. It is almost transparent now. I am so grateful to my serpent friends, both in form and in formlessness.

If you are a mystic, you probably have had your own Kundalini experience. If not, please look back over your own life at the sequence of events that have brought you to this web site and this piece on the Kundalini. Everything is in Divine Order. Your Kundalini may have been unfolding slowly over this entire lifetime. Rather than one particular moment, it may have been a series of moments which did not look or feel like a pattern until this moment.

The Kundalini expresses itself in many ways. Ask your Soul to bring you greater clarity about your way. Then Sit in the Silence and await the answer.


Thank You.



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