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The Divine Transfusion On A Mystical Path

The Mystical Path has many aspects. Visions, visitations, the Voice Within, (which I call my Divine Guidance). Also, incredible physical experiences: infilling of energy, outpouring of energy, transmission of energy, spontaneous illuminations, dual/simultaneous realities of form and formlessness, unceasing joy. As well as, light presence, inner sounding of the Eternal Vibration of Om, and the sentient feeling of Divine Love. One of these aspects, the infilling of energy is a favorite of mine.

Several years ago, I went through a period of receiving what I now call, Divine Transfusions. At the time, I was told by my Divine Guidance to simply surrender and allow the energy of Divine Love to move through me.

It would begin with a general sense of weakness throughout my entire body. My legs would not support me. I had to lie down. Then the infilling would begin. Usually as a constant low vibration that would enter through my Heart and my head at the same time. The vibration would increase in intensity until it was a wave that would cause my body to undulate in the same wave-like action. It started in my upper body traveling down my entire body and out the soles of my feet. This intense wave-like action could go on for minutes or hours. After the waves subsided, the vibration would again intensify until my whole body was vibrating uncontrollably. I would often have to clench my teeth to keep them from chattering. This would last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. The time became longer as I became stronger and more open to the vibration.

During these sessions, I always heard the voice of my Divine Guidance comforting and reassuring me. I felt no fear, only Love was present. The more I surrendered the more Love infilled me.

The other constant during these sessions was the vision of a transfusion taking place. I saw a bag filled with liquid light attached to a long tube. The tube was inserted into my Heart. The flow of liquid light was continually fed into my body during the Process.

After the vibrations ceased, I would be both tired from the physical exertion of the infilling and in a state of peaceful bliss. Simultaneously with these, I would feel a "quickening" in all the cells of my body. I would feel joy well up from my Heart and cascade like a fountain from the top of my head covering my entire body. I would dwell in this "state" for many hours integrating the experience into my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

A great blessing for me during this time was the presence of my spiritual family. They would be present for many of these "Transfusions". Supporting my physical body as the waves of energy became stronger and more intense, as well as, staying with me afterwards as I made my journey back to "normalcy". Thank you, Dear Family.


Many mystics go through processes much like the one described above. Perhaps you have as well. I have been blessed to not only share this process with others, but also to see the Love which infused each person who was present. We were all changed with each "Transfusion". We were so infilled with Love that the room was thick with its Presence. It was palpable to everyone. We were intoxicated with Love. Sometimes the Love was so dense around us, we could not move. We were saturated, completely immersed. Beyond the Beyond.


Thank You.



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