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The Bodhisattva

A traveler is walking across the desert.
He reaches a city.
He enters the city and walks directly through it,
To its center where he enters a temple.

He continues walking deep into the temple,
To its innermost chamber.
A shaft of light beams down from the roof
Onto the chamber floor.

The traveler steps into the shaft of light.
His body becomes transparent
As the light infuses all the cells of his body.
The shaft of light expands to the walls of the chamber.

As the chamber fills up with light,
It transforms into the inside of a flower bud.
The traveler melts
Into the flower's essence.

The flower grows by the side of the road.
It has completely opened up to the sun.
A passer-by bends over the flower
To smell its essence.

That night, the passer-by has a dream.
In the dream,
The flower transforms back
Into the innermost chamber of the temple.

At the center of the room,
Stands the traveler,
Vibrant and glowing.
He addresses the passer-by:

"I am the flower; the Bodhisattva
Present by the side of the road. I am fulfilling
The joy of my heart: being Divine Love,
Being the Lover, and the Beloved.

I am the essence, the Divine Presence
Calling by the side of the road. I am fulfilling
The Truth of my Heart: To inspire others
To practice self-love, self-love, and self-love."

The passer-by awakens from the dream.
She, forthwith, begins her own journey
To the "innermost" chamber of her temple:
The Serene Center of her Being
Within her Heart




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