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Are You A Mystic? I Am.

My dad used to say, "If you don't care who gets the credit, you can do great things in this life." I really didn't "get" the full impact of what he meant until I had the opportunity to stand in the shadows and watch someone else get the credit for my work. At first I wanted to shout, "I'm the one who created this! I want the credit! I want the applause!"

My Soul had other ideas. Gently, patiently, my Soul has guided me over the years. Now, I love to be anonymous, even transparent. I assure you, in the early days this was not so. I couldn't wait for my "15 minutes" of fame and fortune. Thank you, Andy Warhol, for sharing this great truth. Yes, I had my "15 minutes." I rode that wave. It was one of the most exhilarating, exhausting, creative, demanding, and transformative times of my life. When I was in the midst of it, there was nothing that could keep me from my passion. I was driven, obsessed, consumed by the moment. I ate, slept, thought, and worked for nothing else. My life was my Art. It was my identity. During that time, it never consciously occurred to me that I was destined to walk another path after my "15 minutes". Oh, there had been signs all along the way, starting from childhood actually: visions, visitations, the Voice in my head and Heart, second sight, my absolute, passionate love of God.

When I found ART, I worshipped at its feet. I gave it my complete devotion. All the while, the Voice was quietly speaking to me about what was to come. Then one day, I heard the Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?" It stopped my world. What a message. Thank you, Peggy, for being the messenger. That song played over and over again in my head and in my Heart. I knew the answer. The Voice had been reminding me that there was so much more than my passion for ART.

It took some years to wean myself from the addiction to fame and fortune. Slowly, but surely, I was able to remember that:
I was not my talent,
I was not my drive,
I was not my ambition,
I was not my success.
If not these, then what?

The Voice said, "It's time to remember everything." I realized I had never really forgotten. I needed a particular kind of training for the new work I was about to begin. In ancient times one such as myself was placed in a Mystery School. Mystery Schools are found in all cultures, in all times in history. Different names, but with the same purpose. To prepare the Mystic to enter the world and serve. Jesus was a Mystic. He said it best: "I am in the world, but not of the world".

Mystics have always been regarded as "different" within the norm of most cultures. But, they have been tolerated, sometimes even admired and supported. In the twentieth century, Mystics have found refuge in Art, and sometimes, religion. The New Age movement has become a home for many an American Mystic.

My Mystery School was Art. My training was about discipline, aesthetics, beauty, illusion, structure, form, formlessness, light, darkness, sound, silence: the world of dance and theater. I loved my training. I almost lost myself in that training. But my Soul was always with me: speaking to me, guiding me, preparing me for the work I do now. I am a Mystic. My work is The Work of Self-Realization. Of remembering every day, 24 hours a day, unceasingly, that God and I are One. I have come back into embodiment to demonstrate my passionate love of God, which I am, in all the everyday ways that Life brings me.

After reading this, if you feel you are a Mystic, then what is on God Direct and Soul On Line will answer many of your questions.

I suggest you begin the practice of sitting in the Silence, if you are not already doing so.

If you are not a Mystic, but you know someone who is, please suggest the two Web Pages God Direct and Soul On Line to them.


Thank You



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