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A Drop Of The Ocean:

A Mystic's Life

How does a mystic express, in little words, their great Love of God? Their little words are merely tight "clothing" around the vast, all encompassing vibration of God/Divine Love.

One could draw forth a drop of the ocean and say the drop is the ocean. In many ways this is true. The single drop does have characteristics of the ocean. But to feel, see, know, the ocean is far beyond what the single drop can express.

So it is with God/Divine Love. The mystic seeks the oceanic experience of Divine Love/God. The mystic is satisfied with the single drop only as a mere signpost leading ever inward to the vast ocean of Divine Love.

To immerse oneself in the waters of Divine Love! This is true bliss! And then return to the world as a single drop of this Divine Love held in human form. Ah, that is living!

Do you want to be a single wave that has its moment upon the shore? Or, do you want to be the ocean and the single wave upon the shore? The mystic is so passionately in Love with God that there is never a question. Only the answer. It is always the same answer.

Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes!



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