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Recipe For A Day In The Isness

I live each day as if it were the first day
of the rest of my life.
I create my day around the principles of
sacredness, prayer, Self-Love, and newness.
I bring all of my Love to every situation.


My day:

I say a prayer of thanksgiving and praise God upon Awakening. I Make the Calls and spend an hour sitting in The Silence, resting deeply in the energy of the Heart of God, which is my Heart.

I make offerings of small flowers in front of my home and for friends to remind myself of the sacredness of my home and friends. I exercise Consciously, and with each movement I make I give unceasing thanks for the blessing of a healthy body. I say many prayers as I take a shower, sending Love to myself and to all sentient Beings. I align my energy with that of my students before work. I surrender and allow my Love to hold them and assist them in learning what is appropriate for them to learn. I bless the therapy sessions as a sacred event and maintain the Consciousness of releasing attachment to the results. I bless my food. I chant. I sing. I dance. I am joyful.

I hold a place of joy for others that they may connect with the joy that is within them. I bring all my Love to the paperwork I do at night. Over many years, I have learned how to bring this too into the sacred. There is nothing that is not brought into the sacred. I give thanks for all my blessings throughout the day. I say a prayer before I sleep and review my day to see if there were any moments in which I was not in full Consciousness, fully present as Love. If I have missed a stitch or been out of alignment in a particular moment, I go back and pick up the stitch the next day.

Living in the Isness is work. But the rewards of this work are beyond compare with anything I ever could have imagined. To live In Love, in Joy in Every Moment. Learning how to bring my Divinity into my Humanity in each moment, how to live fully in the moment is my task, is Love, is God….Thank you.



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