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Breath Of God

Grace is a Divine quality.
I open to receive it. Consciously.
I do not ask for it.
It is a gift. God's gift to me.

When I receive it, I take full responsibility
For the gift, the receipt of the gift, the Consciousness it brings.

Grace is abundant, overflowing.
It occurs through Faith.
It is present in my life through miracles.

The greatest act of Grace
is the Breath of God within me: the Breath of Life.
As a spiritual being in human form,
I come into form with this one gift, the Breath of Life.
Do I live my life in full appreciation of the preciousness of this gift?
Do I hold this remembrance; keep the faith throughout my life?

Grace sings within me, around me.
I hear it in the voice of the birds,
in the sweet smell of jasmine perfuming the air,
in the clouds, in the sacred, and in the profane.
It is the gift of every form, of every possibility.

Grace is the Breath of Life
which is given 24 hours a day.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…
the smell, the sight… Thank you.



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