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Puddle Of Love

I walk up the pathway to the Beloved's home.
I am greeted. Fully recognized for the Love which I am…for my Beingness.
Showered with endless moments of appreciation.
My 15 minutes of fame.

Her kisses come fast and furious.
Kisses sweeter than wine.
They soothe away any thoughts, feelings that are less than Love.
I feel loved, embraced by this Puddle of Love.
I am transformed by the simple act of petting this dog.
Do I greet myself with the same level of Love upon awakening each day?

She recognizes the Love which stands before her.
She recognized it in me.
Do I recognize it in myself?
Do I recognize it in others?

She waits. Longingly. What a sublime moment of bonding.
"How 'bout tummy rubs?"
"Got a few moments? An hour? A lifetime?"
That's what makes her Heart sing.

Do I dare ask for what I want?
Ask for what makes my Heart sing?

I rub her belly.
She surrenders fully.
She has given, given, given.
It is her turn to receive.

Her eyes close.
My eyes close.
We are one.
The Puddle of Love has moved into my Heart.
I am now a Puddle of Love.
I surrender all thoughts, feelings,
Anything that would keep me from
Full presence in the energy of this gentle act
Of mutual appreciation and Love.

I am her and she is me.
My Heart is open.
I access the Puddle of Love within me.
It is fresh, free, ever present.
It transports.

I Love and am Loved.
I know that fully in the moment.
From the simple, sacred act of
petting this dog.
My life has been transformed.
I have touched the infinite.
I have been in full union and communion with God.

Every meeting, every greeting is a sacred act
if I remember I am a Puddle of Love awaiting
the other who is also a Puddle of Love.
Waiting to merge for a brief moment.
Both change and transform because of the greeting.




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