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Slow Dance

Looking at the light in your eyes,

I feel peace.

Locking myself into the dark night,

I feel passion.


Through the gaze of my Soul,

I have been watching silently,

You and I dancing together.

With trust and faith,

I am willing to connect with you deeply.

A seed of Love has just been planted,

But it will not bloom until spring...


And meanwhile,

Shall we dance?

Very slowly?

Urgency could disturb the grace.

Rapid paces will not go with this rhythm's flow.

Whatever our Soul Agreement,

I relinquish my need to know it now.

Just let it be,

All will unfold naturally,

As long as

I am dancing with you,

Looking into your eyes,

Sharing my visions and dreams...


Dance slowly,

Give it time.

Allow both light and shadow to be revealed.

Give it time to cry,

Feeling the bitterness.

Give it time to laugh,

Feeling the sweet ease.

Taste all the richness of new Love.

Give it time to heal old wounds,

Embracing both vulnerability and strength...


Dance slowly,

Enjoy the music,

Swirl in time and space.

Under the gaze of my Soul,

I hold you gently.

When the song is over,

We will make our choices.

I don't know what form of connection may come,

But I do know from my Heart,

My Love for you will never cease...



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