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How Do I Thank You?

Changing in each moment

Dancing with a new spin

A lovingness deep within rapture

Refusing to be secret


Love shimmers

Emanating from the glow

Softening of Being

An inner sensation of peace and clarity


Beloved, you have opened my Heart

How can I express the explosion of feelings

Bliss, sadness, joy, rage, ecstasy, terror

All revealing the Truth


Never have I seen such

Beauty in all things as I do now

Never before have I smelled

The essence of Love blooming in its full fragrance


I have Awakened from the dream of another lifetime

Beloved, never could I enter the doorway to my freedom

Had you not been standing by my side

Holding my hand, reassuring me of your Love

Never could I have trusted again

Without your steadfast Heart


It was you who gave me the courage

To cross the threshold of my dreams

While you watched

I remembered my authentic voice


My Love, you make me crazy

You arouse the passion deep within my Soul

You challenge me to be all that I am

You melt my Heart with a smile


How do I thank you for giving me my life

For loving me as you do

How do I thank you for sharing life's adventures with me


Simply by loving me loving you



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