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Thank You. I Love You.

I feel Free


I feel Clear



Less and less unfinished mommy-daddy business

binds me.

Keeping me hooked to egoic energies.


I feel Joy


I feel Love



I feel the channel of Light and Love

which I am as the primary presence,

the primary operating force within my life.


With my new Freedom,

my new Peace,

What do I say?


The only thing to say is

"Thank You" and "I Love You."


This is a very difference space

from which to live.

It is a magical space.


The Magnetic Resonance of Love

is in full operation within me.

My Soul is my guide here, not my ego.

Nothing personal needs to be expressed

because I practice not taking things personally

in this new space

in which Love is fully present all the time.


I feel Creative


God Thought, God Presence,

God Inspiration flow through me.


I feel Spontaneity, Enthusiasm


I Love.

I bring all my Love to whatever I do,

say, think, and feel.




An attitude of Gratitude

infills me, surrounds me.

Because I am Love

The more I give, the more

Love cycles back to me

and within me.


Love is a white tornado

whirling consciously within

and around me.

I am at the epicenter of this

never-ending spiraling motion.


Gratitude and Love are the only energies

within the spiral.

Because all other energies

have surrendered within the graceful embrace

of Gratitude and Love and

Because Love and Gratitude

draw more of like-vibration to themselves.


I am Free.

I have no judgement

of self or another.


I am Free.

I Love Myself.

I Love You as Myself.


I only see the Truth of Who You Are

as Love.

I see that You are Love

From the place that

I am Love.

From this place, I see everything as Love.


No matter what the place, the circumstance,

the outward appearance of the event,

I hold this Truth

From the Serene Center of My Being Within My Heart

within the Channel of Light and Love which I am:


We are all One

in God

in Love.


The only appropriate thing to say

from this place


"Thank you" and "I Love You".



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