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Parallel Sailing

As your ship departed from the harbor,

I sent you my prayers,

As my ship made for the opposite shore,

You wept for me...


Once you and I set sail at the same time,

It was at daybreak,

But Divine Order revealed itself:

Although we were both heading towards the rising sun,

We set sail in different vessels.


Our egos experienced deep regret.

Our spiritual practice gave us the strength

To accept this Soul Agreement in peace.


Through the wind, across the waters,

We have conveyed our remembrance of each other.


At times we come together,

At times we are apart.

As long as at the Soul level

Our Love is rooted in our Hearts,

What need have we

At each dawn and dusk,

To be with each other in every embodiment?


Our destinies are bound together.

In this life time,

There is no need

To create another sad story.




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