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Beauty In My Life

What is Beauty? Is it the perfect body, the breath of life, a rose? Of course, Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder. To one, the epitome of Beauty is a fall sunset. To another, Beauty is the scared act of a mother nursing her baby. To still another, Beauty is Michelangelo's David. For me, Beauty is a quality of radiance that emanates from within a person, place, or thing. I see Beauty in a child's smile reflecting pure innocence. I see Beauty in a butterfly gracing me with it's fleeting presence. I see Beauty in a waterfall cascading from high above. I see Beauty in the wisdom on an elderly woman's face as she speaks of her life and loved ones. I see Beauty in the eyes of two boys sharing the intimacy of adolescent friendship. Beauty is seeing God in everything and everyone.

The more I live life Consciously, the more Beauty I see. As I continue to relentlessly face and embrace my shadow, I am constantly given the Divine blessing of seeing the Beauty within myself and others. Beauty is a gift from God that comes from remembering God, which we are. The more we remember the Truth of our Divinity, the more we see Beauty in all things. Therefore, Beauty is the growth and change that comes from releasing old patterns of suffering and destruction. Beauty is honoring the messenger whose message is "Love Thyself". Beauty is remembering our Soul Agreements as the doorway to our Enlightenment as we honor those who play a part in these most precious Agreements. Beauty is compassion and unconditional Love.

At this time of my life, Beauty is a flowering relationship with my father and family. Beauty is watching my kittens grow, all the while receiving unconditional Love. Beauty is cuddling with my boys and having intimate conversations with my Beloved. Beauty is being there for my friends. Beauty is feeling the Love of those who have passed on. Beauty is speaking and living the Truth of my Heart. Beauty is surrendering to Divine Order and Divine Love. Ultimately, Beauty is living life simply in the moment and living it from a place of pure gratitude. Living life Consciously is truly an act of consummate Beauty.



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