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How To Stop Time: Sit In The Silence

At a retreat I attended recently, a woman posed the question "How can one stop time?". I thought to myself, I experience time stopping every day when I sit in the Silence.

The Silence is the space in which I merge fully with the Presence of God. God is within me. God is all around me. I sit in the Heart of God and the Heart of God is within my Heart. I am one with All That Is. I tap into my connection with the Infinite.

Sitting in the Silence, I experience a complete lack of separation from God, myself, all things. Time stops because there is no time. There is no space. There is only Being.

In the Silence, I am falling. Falling. Falling in Love. Falling deeper and deeper into the Heart of God, which is my Heart.

Initially, my mind wants to engage. Then all thoughts fall away. I move into a space that is clear, sweet, both empty and full. The space between the in-breath and out-breath.

My Soul speaks to me. I am fully open to receive because I relinquish all sense of self, all thought, all energy of the personal, as I enter into the Silence.

The Silence is like a river. A river of Consciousness. It has always been there and always will be there. I step into the river and am carried. Transported somewhere, everywhere, and nowhere. I go nowhere, I do nothing. I just Am. I am fully present in Consciousness as The Watcher/Soul.

The Silence is like a shower of Light. It enters me through my Heart, infilling me. It courses through me like warm liquid honey, bathing me in the irresistible sweetness of Love.

I emerge from the Silence fully bathed in Love. Wrapped in Peace.



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