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The Paradox Of Ego Versus Soul

To reach a level of peace in this world of polarity and duality we must come to terms with paradox. Most of us in our contemporary society live in our heads. Our minds struggle with the idea of paradox. Our ego, with its linear logic, cannot comprehend the illogic of paradox. However, our Hearts have no difficulty accepting the complementary nature of all polarities.

One of my favorite paradoxes contrasts my individuality with my sense of connectedness to All That Is. Our ego wishes for us to stand out and be someone special. It craves recognition and attention. Consequently, many of us find ourselves doing things in the world so we can be known for something. We hope to "leave our mark" or our legacy, for the world before we die. This can look like having a gifted child, accomplishing a great feat, or even becoming a notorious criminal. Because "ordinary" is so unacceptable to the ego, it seeks to be famous or outstanding in some way. Ego has a voracious appetite and is never satisfied with what it gets because it is not its nature to be satisfied. Its recognition comes at the expense of others because it seeks to be better than (or even worse than) - anything to stand out.

Now, each of us is born into this world as a unique expression of God. Like snowflakes, no two people are alike. We each carry skills, talents, and abilities that are our gifts. Yet, most of us were never fully recognized for this inherent uniqueness. We were always compared to others, which is the way of the ego. We may never have been made to feel appreciated for our pure Beingness and individual beauty. It was always:

"What have you done for me lately?";
"What makes you so special?";
"What have you accomplished?"

So, we move through our lives seeking the recognition we never got. And then, if we ever do get it, it is never enough. Some people may have accomplished great things and become famous. But if they have been following the direction of their ego, they somehow still feel empty inside. This may explain why many successful and famous people commit suicide or turn to drugs/alcohol. They are desperately trying to fill the void inside that is characterized by the ego's insatiable desire to be somebody. As long as the ego is the prime motivator in our lives, we are endlessly caught in the quandary of success and dissatisfaction.

I have come to the Self-Realization that everyone is special in his/her own way and it's just a matter of allowing those gifts to manifest themselves naturally (albeit sometimes through hard work). I no longer need to distinguish myself from everyone else. I know that, like everyone else, I am special already. Not better, not worse. Only when I accept that we are all equal and connected to one another can my individuality be fully expressed. At the core of our Being we are the same, God. This is the great paradox. When I accept my sameness with everyone, only then can I truly express my uniqueness. Only when I embrace the paradoxical nature of life will I be able to find contentment and peace. I must be willing to accept my Being and in turn accept others. The ego wants us to do things to be accepted. It will never happen. The ego is coming from the premise that we are essentially incomplete. Actions that stem from the acceptance of my Being are totally different from actions that arise from the doing of my ego. Even though the actions may look identical. One is done in the full Consciousness of Soul and Love of Self. The other is done from a sense of incompleteness, inferiority, and fear of not being enough.

It is our choice. It merely takes a shift in perception from ego to Soul-Centered Awareness.



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