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I Am The Message

Once, I had an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I was attending a workshop. At some point, one of the workshop participants approached me. He wanted to ask me personal questions. At first, I was apprehensive to talk with him because he was intimidating. Sometimes he was even arrogant. I accepted, though, and we sat down face to face.

As he began firing questions at me, ready-made answers popped into my mind. It was then that something extraordinary happened to me. I felt totally unmotivated to give him these ready-made answers. They felt old, stale, and inappropriate. Instead, I felt a deep urge to speak spontaneously about how I was feeling at that very moment. Suddenly, my mind went blank, but at the same time words started pouring out of my mouth. As I was speaking, I had a vision. I saw Light. It looked as if the Light was inside my head. Along the periphery of my head, I saw what looked like tentacles. I recognized these as being thoughts that had been pushed aside by the Light and were trying to jump back into my mind. But the Light held them back firmly.

I was as surprised to hear what I was saying as he was. I felt completely calm and serene. I felt at ease, confident and certain about what I was speaking forth. I felt that the energy of the atmosphere around us had heightened. I felt the Light around us had become brighter; the sounds had become more melodious; the smells had become sweeter; the air had become softer and warmer and my touch had become more acute.

After nearly an hour of answering his questions, we were interrupted and concluded our extraordinary experience. Later on that day, I went to him and asked, "Did you feel something special when we talked this morning?" "Yes!" he answered, "And I've been telling everyone about it all day long." Months later, this gentleman is still quoting from the notes he took on that unforgettable morning when I spoke spontaneously, directly, clearly, and faithfully from my Soul.

As I look back at this experience, I realize at that moment I was the Message, the Messenger, and the Receiver of the Message. I was the Trinity. First, I remember that I was simply talking about myself and my life experiences. In that, I was the embodiment of the Message. Second, by sharing these experiences with another person, I was the Messenger. Finally, by hearing the inspiring words I was speaking, I was also the Receiver of the Message. Through the exercise of articulating my Soul's Love and Wisdom to another, I was able to integrate these qualities more fully into all aspects of my Being down to all the cells of my body.

I am immensely grateful for this Epiphany which has caused me to live my life more Consciously than ever.


Thank you.



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