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I'm The Beach Freak

My friends don't know what to make of me.

They think I'm putting them on when I "talk the talk".

They laugh. They joke.

I laugh too. I take such delight in myself. Live audaciously!

It's not like I rant and rave. I don't drool. I guess I DO have a slight tendency to sermonize.

Mostly I get dazed looks.

"Do we take her seriously, or what?"

"She think she's God! Is it O.K. for her to be saying this stuff?"

"Pretty freaky!"

"Get over yourself."

"I'm God, too?"

Yes, right on!

Sometimes it's looks of sheer terror. Emotional upset. Well, that's my job. To stir the stew. Bust paradigms. Slaughter sacred cows.

I don't go up and down the beach preaching, mind you. I simply open my mouth and out flies all these astounding Truths. I find answers to questions you didn't even know you were asking. I am guided by my Soul, when to speak and when to be silent.

At first I was a "closet Christ". I was terribly concerned about what others thought of me. Blending in was very important. Now, I see myself following in the footsteps of Johnny Appleseed. I throw out seeds here and there. My seeds are possibilities. New pathways of Consciousness. Fertile ground is an open mind/open Heart. Willing to explore unlimited possibilities. So moving through each day, I throw out seeds. I watch to see who shuts down. Who puts down. Who runs away. Who debates. Who reacts. Who trembles. Who hungers. Who comes back. Who wants more. Inquiring Hearts want to know. Hungry Hearts want to remember. I believe there is a deep inner longing within us all to remember the Truth of who we really are. Our origins. Our purpose. Our Soul. We express this longing in a multitude of ways. Our various quests in life spring from this longing to remember.

"Hi. What do you do?"

"I practice being Conscious."


"I practice being lovingly present in each moment, no matter what it looks like out there or inside myself."

"I practice being in the Impersonal."

"I practice being non-reactive."

"I practice NOT being at the affect of anyone or anything."


That takes us back to being audacious. Not caring what others think of me. No more "closet Christ". I must be authentic. I must speak about what is meaningful to me. I proudly assume the role of Beach Freak.



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