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What do you think of when you hear the word conflict…disharmony or even war? Doesn't the drama always consist of an antagonist and a protagonist? On the egoic level there appears to be a perennial tug of war with hatred, fear, and denial as the agitators. What about looking from an entirely different perspective? From the Soul's perspective, or the Big Picture, conflict is an opportunity to Awaken more fully to Self-Love and the Love of the other. Conflict can lead to giving and receiving Love, but first one must take responsibility for his or her part in the conflict. Let's explore this dynamic.

There are Soul Agreements made within each Soul and between Souls, prior to incarnation. One purpose of these agreements is to shine the light on our hidden or dark side, thus reminding us of God, which we are. The person with whom there appears to be a conflict is a messenger of Love who has come to remind us of our Divinity by reflecting our humanity. For example, if this person shows up in our life as "cruel", it is with the express purpose of reminding us to look within and embrace our own cruelty without judgement. If we only see the messenger as "cruel", we have missed the point and the message. The conflict remains unresolved. We are held hostage by our supposed antagonist. If, however, we see, own, and embrace our own cruelty without judgement, resolution can occur. The antagonist and we are one. The gift of Love is both given and received. Suddenly Awake, we begin to see the supreme act of Love on the part of the messenger. This very messenger has bestowed the gift of Self-Love upon us by agreeing to play the part of the antagonist. Is this Love or is this Love?

In my own life there has been one such individual who stands out in this arena. To me, this person has appeared aloof, unloving, superior, and inauthentic. All of these qualities, of course, really push my buttons, reminding me of my overly domineering mother. After a great deal of resistance and denial, I began to do a lot of Soul searching, self-acceptance, and Self-Love. As a result of this, I am beginning to see just how much this person has helped me to own and embrace the very traits I had adopted from my mother and could not tolerate. While my mother was alive, I never resolved the issues we shared. Yet now I am able to do so thanks to this messenger of Love. I am still resolving and have resolved much of the disharmony between my mother and myself. I now feel her loving presence as never before and feel more Love for myself. This gift of Love has opened up the possibility for me to live my life without the need for the approval of others… mommy. Freeing myself from what I could not Love in mommy has allowed me to Love her and Love and trust myself. I give unceasing thanks to my messenger of Love and to my mother. I have been given the opportunity to practice Love and Compassion in every waking moment. Instead of playing the victim, I can be the Divine Creator. This truly makes my Heart sing. I continue Awakening.



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