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"Isness" And The Moment

"Isness" is the Moment. "Isness" is what is going on right here, right now, whether I like it or not. "Isness" is happening around, to, and in me. "Isness " is the thoughts I think, the feelings I feel, and the sensations coursing through my body right now. In this Moment.

When I enter an experience with expectations, attachments, or anticipation of what might occur, I automatically place myself outside the "isness"/ the Moment. I have labeled and colored the experience with my expectations. I have moved into the future and out of the Moment. My expectations cover the experience like glue. So my egoic thoughts, feelings, and actions alter the "isness" into how I would like to think, feel, or act. I program not only the experience, but also my reaction to that experience. As ego, I rehearse the Moment and its outcome so deftly that I set myself up for disappointment. In pre-judging the event, the result is modified into something I believe can handle. I also believe it will fulfill my expectations and satisfy my attachment to the outcome. I have sabotaged the smooth flow of what "is".

"Isness" is impersonal in the Moment. Paradoxically, it is also very personal. Impersonally, I surrender completely to the on-going-ness of what is happening. I Consciously make it mine, both personally and impersonally. The impersonal is the result of not pre-programming or pre-diagnosing what might occur. Instead, impersonally, I allow the unfolding of the event to "be" whatever it will "be".

When in the "isness"/ the Moment, I am completely aware of my egoic reactions to the event, aware of my personal involvement. My physical body may make itself known by the racing of my Heart, the tension within my muscles, or the blush of embarrassment. At the same time my emotional body experiences deep feelings of, perhaps, shame, rage, fear, helplessness, or joy, love, exuberance, tranquility. My mental body catalogs the event for future replay. My spiritual body will sift through the event and find out where it is in accordance with my religious beliefs. When Consciousness accompanies the messages of the four lower bodies, I become one with the "isness" of the situation.

When in "isness"/ the Moment, I am no longer at the affect of my expectations. I am not saying I have no preferences as to the outcome of events. I simply have no expectations that my preferences will actually occur. I enter every new experience in the spirit of free-flow. I jump in and allow the flow to take me. I am in the "isness"/ the Moment.

Do I have the courage to hold the impersonal? Do I have the audacity to Love my attachments and let them go? It takes great willingness to be unattached to the outcome of the Moment. It is life-changing to say of all Moments, "This is it!" Being in the "isness" means I can no longer ignore the voice of Soul reminding me to be impersonal in all Moments. Without hesitation, I can now say yes to whatever is out there for me to experience. Now I have life experiences that include being open to the flow of the "isness". By saying yes to the "isness" I live a Soul-centered life.



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