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Live Harmlessly So As Not To Bruise A Single Rose Petal ...

The mystic sees every person as filled with rose petals. The mystic seeks to be harmless toward all persons, so as not to bruise a single petal within their Being. Likewise, the mystic sees the path before him or her as covered with rose petals. The mystic seeks to walk through the world so harmlessly that not one petal is bruised by his or her passing.

Once, a close friend, whom I love very much, told me I had done something that hurt her feelings. I was totally shocked because my intention had been to support her. I felt badly that my actions had harmed, rather than helped, her. I realized then that I needed to change some of my attitudes and behaviors in order to avoid hurting those close to me. I want to live harmlessly, so as not to bruise a single rose petal within myself or another.

My work started with altering my internal voice. I stopped finding fault in others and making judgmental and critical comments such as, "You should ..." or "You shouldn't ..." At first I simply stopped saying them, but then I recognized that even though I no longer verbalized my thoughts, they were still harmful. I realized that I was unconsciously repeating my mother's negative pattern of looking at another with judgment in her mind. If she doubted the other person, without speaking a word, her face told them, "I don't believe you." I knew firsthand how people can sometimes sense rejecting, harmful energy, and be hurt by it. It was time to bring my way of relating to others into my Consciousness, and thereby change it.

Another area I resolved to change was my habit of gossiping. I realized another way I was unintentionally hurting others was by not honoring their confidentiality. I was seeking their trust to satisfy my ego, then bartering this information with others for a sense of power and importance. Now I Consciously think before I speak: "Is it really necessary to share this information?" "Am I betraying a friend's trust?" "Is this my story to tell?" I realize that an important part of loving and respecting a friend is to honor his or her confidentiality.

Honoring my friends led to me realize that I needed to alter my behavior in intimate relationships, too. I knew I needed to change my unconscious, blind love into a more respectful, harmless, Conscious Love. When I was younger, I "played games" with men, unconsciously believing that this was the way to love. When I first met a man, I would do what I could to please him. This made me feel wanted and attractive. After the man was hooked, I unconsciously changed. I became cold and remote, so as to make him want me even more. In my selfishness, I thought I was being open and loving, when in fact I was hurting both my lover and myself.

Pain is contagious. When I feel pain in my Heart, it is easily readable on my face. People around me sense, feel, and see my pain. Joy is contagious too. In my daily life I choose "Being lovingly present no matter what it looks like out there, or inside myself." This is a Conscious choice I make for the rest of my life. My Joy is a gift that I share with others.

I now realize that the people who come into my life are like beautiful roses. They cover my life's path with rose petals. I walk along my path very gently, because I cannot bear the pain I bring to myself or another if I bruise a single rose petal. My Soul teaches me about harmlessness. It is part of my Awakening.



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