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The Essence Of "The Silence"

What is the essence of "The Silence"? It is Divine Love. It presents an opportunity for living a Soul-Centered Life.

Divine Love is ours by surrendering all ego functions (judgement, criticism, control, manipulation, protection, and defense) while free-falling, in Love with the Divine, which we are. Divine Love, being the essence of "The Silence", in-fills us. We become one with that Love.

"The Silence" is an agent of change. It holds the possibility of transformation of perceptions. It allows negative feelings to be felt completely with the choice of changing them into positive Soul-Centered feelings. "The Silence" offers the impersonal way to Be, feel, think, and act. Because of these options, one need not be at the affect of ego. The person who sits in "The Silence" has Soul as a partner in his/her human experience.

These Paradoxical Truths are inherent in "The Silence":
"The Silence" has no beginning and no end
"The Silence" has no up nor down
"The Silence" is infinite yet finite
"The Silence" takes place in "the moment" while passing beyond the measure of time into infinity
"The Silence" appears to take place where I am sitting yet it has no location in space
"The Silence" is gossamer and substantial
"The Silence" is both "here" and "there"
"The Silence" is at-one-with the infinitesimal and it is boundless


More Truths:
"The Silence" is held in the Heart while expanding into the energy of All That Is - Divine Love
"The Silence" is limitless, unbounded, and eternal
"The Silence" is waiting for our Consciousness to open to its energy
"The Silence" is felt palpably
"The Silence" is peace and serenity
"The Silence" has no place to go and nothing to do
"The Silence" is the "Isness" of God Being
"The Silence" is life-changing
"The Silence" is the practice of Self-Love
"The Silence" brings balance to the four lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
"The Silence" is the meeting ground for my Soul and my ego
"The Silence" is the place where ego surrenders all that it is, and all that it is not
"The Silence" is the agent of change, Love in action
"The Silence" brings the 'sitter' into Consciousness



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