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The Loving Purpose

What does it mean to live a purposeful life? A life full of purpose? What is your purpose in life? What is my purpose? Interesting questions to ponder.

My purpose in life is to enjoy, experience, discover, create, express, Love, bless, demonstrate, celebrate, and relish my self and my Soul. To pour myself completely into life, humanity, Divinity, and stir it all together. I am here to have loads of fun experiencing what it is to be fully human and Divine simultaneously. I live to appreciate art, create art, and to be art. My life is a canvass on which I paint a never-ending story through words, thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am the director, actor, and audience of a passion play of form and formlessness, sound and silence, movement, and stillness. I am a paradox of polarity, a dance of duality, a Don Juan of time and space loving all the dimensions of my Being. I live and love to express my God-given human-developed talents through music, writing, singing, speaking, and just about any way I can imagine to articulate the emotions I feel in this latest adventure I call my life.

Everywhere I go I remember parts of my Soul and Consciously incorporate them into my Being. Every person, place, and thing is part of me. I cherish them for playing the role they play no matter what that is. They are all me. I am learning to Love what I hate and Love what I Love. Love changes me in a most delicious way.

Change happens to me every moment even as I write these words. My pen expresses my moment to moment aliveness. Love oozes from my pores as I celebrate my Soul. I continually expand to savor the richness of life lived from the Heart of God, my Heart. We beat in at-one-ment because it is all the same. I have a relationship with God, which is the same as having a relationship with my Soul, or myself. I am God looking in the mirror at myself. God is having a human experience through me. Can you tell? God, being in no particular hurry to get anywhere, is stopping to smell the roses, feed the horses, and scribble a poem or two on Her way to the gym.

I revel in revelry, laugh with the laughers, and make Love to the Lovers. I rise with the sun, howl at the moon, and sleep under the stars. Everywhere I journey I find myself in endless disguises, perched upon majestic mountain tops and submerged beneath vast oceans. I am touched by all things and I touch all things. I am Love, the Lover, the Beloved.



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