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Soul Agreements

 This is a Love story.

Once there was a woman named Joan who had a son called Tom. Tom lived two short years and then departed the body. For thirty years Joan mourned the loss of Tom. This life tragedy did not kill her physically, but emotionally she felt she was mortally wounded.

Time passed. She became pregnant again and gave birth to another son named Paul. Her pain and suffering were so great over the loss of Tom that she was never emotionally available to Paul. When Paul was seventeen he left home and went to live on a mountain by himself. He stayed there ten years.

Joan felt she had lost her second son as well. The pain and suffering had become her whole life.

Then one day Joan went to see a mystic who had a reputation for seeing beyond the pain and suffering. The mystic could see the Soul Agreements of Joan, Tom, and Paul. The mystic knew she had a Soul Agreement to work with Joan in clearing the pain and suffering that had consumed Joan's life. The mystic shared the following Soul Agreements with Joan.

Before Joan came into this present embodiment, she asked to have a series of lessons that would teach her more about Love. Specifically, when she was withholding Love and when she was freely giving Love. Many Souls agreed to assist Joan in these lessons of Love. One such Soul was to be known as Tom when it embodied.

Joan came into embodiment and was imprinted with all the negative and positive characteristics of both her mother and father. As a Soul, Joan chose her parents because of the imprinting she needed from them to prepare herself for the life lessons on Love that were to come.

Joan married and had her first son, Tom. Tom's Soul had made a Soul Agreement with Joan's Soul to embody as her son and teach a lesson on Love. Joan and Tom fell deeply in Love as mothers and sons often do. After two years, Tom had completed his earth-plane teaching. His leaving/dying was the beginning of the next part of his teaching.

Joan had learned to Love another through Tom. But she had not learned to Love herself. So when Tom died/passed over, she was empty inside and outside. Joan had been imprinted by her parents to believe that Love of the other was her sole purpose in life. When the other, Tom, left her life, she was wounded exactly the way she had been wounded in her childhood. She felt rejected, abandoned, utterly alone.

Tom's passing was an opportunity for her to heal the wounding from her childhood, but the pain/suffering/emptiness was so profound, she could not reach out to another for help. She had no Self-Love to draw upon. She was completely empty inside.

The Soul of Tom realized all of this. Even though Tom chose to leave his body and return into the formless, his Love for Joan was unceasing.

Tom's Soul embodied again. This time as Paul. Joan was given another opportunity to learn the lessons of Love with the arrival of Paul. But Joan was empty. Emotionally there had been no healing. She was deeply attached to the old form, Tom, and could not open her Heart to the new form, Paul. Paul was now imprinted with the negative characteristics of Joan. He became filled with pain, suffering, rejection, and abandonment. He felt utterly alone and empty. This was part of his Soul Agreement. To be imprinted by his mother to learn his lessons of Love.

As Joan received the awareness about Soul Agreements from the mystic, she began to go through a profound transformation. She realized that Love never changes, only the form changes. Love is eternal and forever. She realized that Tom's leaving did not affect his eternal Love for her. She realized that she had a Soul Agreement to suffer with a human being's deepest sorrow and pain. She also realized she had a Soul Agreement that after thirty years she would begin her Awakening Process. She would open her Heart to herself. She would begin to Love herself, and thereby create the capacity to Love another, namely Paul.

Joan eventually contacted Paul. He came to see her for a one-day visit. He also met with the mystic that day and had a session with her. During this session his Heart began to open. He stayed two more days and had two more sessions. One month later, he moved back home to be close to Joan. As Joan's energy shifted, so did Paul's. Paul began having his own realizations about who he truly is and why he had come back into embodiment. Joan and Paul now communicate lovingly, honestly, harmlessly, directly, compassionately, truly. They now speak to each other Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul. A deep, real, authentic connection exists between them. The wounds are healing for both of them. Their spiritual muscle is weak. But as they remember more and more about why they are here and the lessons of Love they have come to learn, their spiritual muscles are growing stronger. The next step is for them to keep practicing, to keep remembering: all the pain and suffering, the drama and the emptiness are Wake-Up calls.

Their Soul Agreements are about Love. Love of Self and Love of the other.

This is a Love story.
This is a true story.
The drama may change,
the names may change,
but the Love always
remains the same.



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